Incredible Comeback

Helo agen in suc short tiem. It’s hard 2 dscrieb mai fealings et teh moment. Sekind victori in n row!! n dis was not jus ny victory, dis was teh comeback uv teh yr! so nao u cn jus sit daon nd listin wen i’m teln u n stori.

Twaz trusdey even in cold, col finln. N tm uv fruious doln inc playurs gathurid togethur agen 2 fite 4 teh injustice in dis world… k, to deap. Let’s scail daon an litel.
dis stori iz about an gaem calid cs go, wic iz not actuali vuri big sruprise. We wure playn infurno wic has becaem uv teh maen maps we r playn crurentli. We starid az ct nd let’s sey dat iz was not oru bst ct side. Teh enemy was not givn ny murcy nd mockn by teh enemy was gun hard. Thay wure ripn oru tm 2 piecs. Aftur 15 rounds teh score board lokid 13-2. Dat was kwite hvy moment in teh histori uv doln inc.

We had an moment uv silense. No wun said an word. We al new dat dis sekind haf had 2 b wey betur tn teh first wun. 4 oru luk ture was wun incredibel tactic dat was workn rli gud against oru enemy. Dis tactic iz not vuri comon bat we, in doln inc, col it “rush b site”.

Mne shots wure fierd nd fruious wariors uv doln inc made it 2 teh score 13-13. We al new dat victori frum dis gaem was posibel. It wod not cum sy, bat nywey twaz posibel. We r speculatn dat wun uv teh enemy usid sum kina program dat halpid wit aim or wit wals becos dis particular playur shawt few incredibel hd shots wit dgel. (let’s sey dat we wod b vuri hapy if he wod apli via oru fncy new website. Ai evin promisid 2 promote him straite frum rokie 2 dglemeistur.)

K, let teh stori continue… teh scoreboard had numbur 13 shin 4 bot uv teh tms. Tse rounds wod b more importnt tn nythn. Aftur sum secret tactics (again) we 1 teh roun nd score was 14-13 4 us. Somethn criticol hapenid nd teh enemy 1 sekind roun. Shet jus got rl. We wod not acept draw 4 dis! last two rounds wure hard nd frustratn. Tm doln inc was swty az fuk nd lukili dis halpid us 2 git trough last two rounds wit wit favorabel outcum.

Suma sumarum, sprudospora was playn incredibel smart nd gud gaem. Teh gaem sense uv dis playur wel blo teh min uv othur doln inc playurs continuali. Howevur, i’m rli proud uv oru gaem 2dai nd let’s hope dat dis tm spirit wel last 4 teh gaems 2 cum. Gud nite felas.



Uncl Dolan


And same in English:

Hello again in such short time. I think I must drop that Dolan language so you all fans will even read these. Sad but true. It’s hard to describe my feelings at the moment. Second victory in a row!! And this was not just any victory, this was THE COMEBACK of the year! So now you can just sit down and listen when I’m telling you a story.

It was Thursday evening in cold, cold Finland. A team of furious Dolan Inc players gathered together again to fight for the injustice in this world… Ok, too deep. Let’s scale down a little.

This story is about a game called Cs Go, which is not actually very big surprise. We were playing inferno which has became one of the main maps we are playing currently. We started as CT and let’s say that is was not our best CT side. The enemy was not giving any mercy and mocking by the enemy was going hard. They were ripping our team to pieces. After 15 rounds the score board looked 12-3. That was quite heavy moment in the history of Dolan Inc. Lil’Spidey was almost going mentally insane. Not good, not good at all.

We had a moment of silence. No one said a word. We all knew that this second half had to be way better than the first one. For our luck there was one incredible tactic that was working really good against our enemy. This tactic is not very common but we, in Dolan Inc, call it “Rush B site”.

Many shots were fired and furious warriors of Dolan Inc made it to the score 13-13. We all knew that victory from this game was possible. It would not come easy, but anyway it was possible. We are speculating that one of the enemy used some kind of program that helped with aim or with walls because this particular player shot few incredible head shots with Deagle. (Let’s say that we would be very happy if he would apply via our fancy new website.  I even promised to promote him straight from rookie to DeagleMeister.)

Ok, let the story continue… The scoreboard had number 13 shining for both of the teams. These rounds would be more important than anything. After some secret tactics (Again) we won the round and score was 14-13 for us. Something critical happened and the enemy won next round. Shit just got real. We would not accept draw for this! Last two rounds were hard and frustrating. Team Dolan Inc was sweaty as fuck and luckily this helped us to get trough last two rounds with with favorable outcome.

Summa summarum, SpurdoSpora was playing incredible smart and good game. The game sense of this player will blow the mind of other Dolan Inc players continually. However, I’m really proud of our game today and let’s hope that this team spirit will last for the games to come. Good night fellas.


gud gaem 2dai

K, wun gaem 1 wit rli gud gaem nd fntastic tactics. Lel spidey tol dat he movid screin closur. Lets sea if it wel maek ny efect on frags.

earliur 2dai sum playurs had rli gud tiem golfn nd dis mus hav sum positiev efect on tm pley in gaems 2 cum.

ai tink we hav 2 maek more uv tse fntastic posts so al oru dr fns cn rd tse. Plse liek nd share dis post.

gud dey evuryoen.


-uncel doln


Helo dr frends,

welcum 2 oru fncy new website.

plse enjoi yoru stai nd lve feadback 2 oru gustbok!